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After a succession of games based on contemporary films and new stories, Electronic Arts brings the Bond license back to one of the best-loved movies of the series, 1963's From Russia With Love, starring Sean Connery. Set in Turkey against a Cold War backdrop, the game puts players in the role of a 007 based directly on Connery's portrayal, and the celebrated actor lends his voice and likeness to the production. As the young, seemingly immortal Bond, players will embark on missions involving reconnaissance, high-speed driving, hand-to-hand combat, and straightforward third-person shooting.

Many movie critics credit From Russia With Love as the film that established the series' winning formula, featuring a clever, well-equipped James Bond who can be as charming as he is deadly, and who is all too aware of his own Achilles' heel -- a weakness for a beautiful women. The voices and appearances of other film cast members are featured in the game as well, including Desmond Llewelyn as Q, Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny, Daniela Bianchi as the alluring Tatiana Romanova, and Robert Shaw as the imposing Red Grant.

In most of the 18 missions the player progresses through linear levels while shooting everything in sight. The player can lock onto an enemy at range and cycle between visible enemies, or focus in closer on a single enemy to make opportunistic targets appear, such as uncovered grenades or gaps in armor. Sometimes Bond can also use stealth or hand-to-hand combat, which are basically quick-time events where the player needs to press a displayed button in a limited time to dispatch a foe. Special tasks can be preformed with gadgets, e.g. the laser watch or a small remote controlled helicopter. This procedure gets spiced up with occasional driving or new jet pack sequences.

The player gets rewarded for certain actions with bonus points, e.g. succeeding in melee combat or searching containers. There are three different kind of points which unlock different things: bonus content like making of videos, bonus levels, and weapon upgrades. Every weapon and gadget can be upgraded in different areas, but only once.

* Based on the second James Bond film originally released in 1964
* New gadgets, characters, and plot twists spice up the '60s-style action
* Features the voice and likeness of actor Sean Connery
* Engage in driving missions, jetpack sequences, and stealth operations
* Upgrade your character and unlock rewards by achieving certain milestones

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