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Try not to get wet with this irresistible watery puzzle game from 3DO!

AquaAqua is an addictive, fast-action, water-based puzzle game of strategy and control set in a liquid landscape. Trap water by positioning pieces as fast as they fall to form dams and lakes. Watch the weather; if it rains too much your lake will overflow and your valuable water goes down the drain. If you lose too much water it's "game over."

3 addictive modes of play:
- Story Puzzle Mode - Travel through different time periods in the earth's history as you finish each puzzle.
- Quick Puzzle Mode - Free play mode on stages that you clear in Story Mode.
- Vs. Puzzle Mode - Play against a friend and bombard them with garbage, making it difficult for them to clear their screen.

Maneuver Earth-moving Objects!
- Upper Pieces - Position falling pieces to form hills and mountains that hold water or repair holes made by Bombs.
- Downer Pieces - Used to lower hills and mountains when thet get too high.
- Water Pieces - Drop water into the hills and mountains to create lakes of all sizes.
- Fireballs - Use Fireballs to evaporate water and reduce the level of the drain. The more water you evaporate, the more you score.
- Bombs - Watch out! These implements of destruction leave holes through which precious water can escape.

Use the Fireballs to evaporate water and earn game enhancing Bingo Effects like a Bigger Drain, a Double Rainbow, Clouds and more!

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  • Category: PS2 ISO
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 2
  • Developer/Publisher: 3DO
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  • Last Update: October 04, 2021