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Arc the Lad - Twilight of Spirits (USA) PS2 ISO Download

The world of Arc the Lad - Twilight of the Spirits is populated by two races: human and Deimos. The two races prefer to avoid contact with each other, but both depend on the Spirit Stones to sustain the balance in the world. Recently, the human army began sweeping across the lands, taking over countries. This army is going after the five great Spirit Stones. The Spirits, however, are determined to prevent this; to achieve their goal, they choose two heroes who would eventually be able to unite the two races in a battle for justice. One of them a is a human nobleman named Kharg, who hates the Deimos and is planning revenge; another is a Deimos slave named Darc, who dreams of uniting and commanding his race. Will the two heroes be able to put aside their differences and save the world?..

Quintessential of console-style role-playing, Japan's popular Arc the Lad series returns to the U.S. in this PS2-exclusive release. Boasting over 60 hours of gameplay, Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits offers 3D exploration and tactical battle through a deep storyline set thousands of years after the adventures of the previous games.

Players visit a dark world, rife with chaos and destruction, to join the heroes Darc and Kharg. Separated at birth, these two brothers have rejoined to seek the mystical Spirit Stones, powerful artifacts which may hold the only hope of returning order and peace to the land.

Twilight of the Spirits features well over a dozen playable characters, each with distinct weaponry, attack styles, and special abilities. As in most games of this style, learning to use these varied powers together will be important to the party's survival. Motion-captured cut-scenes and in-game voice-overs are designed to bring out the personalities of each individual.

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