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Capcom vs SNK Pro (USA) PSX ISO Download

Capcom Vs. SNK Pro features over 30 fighters from Capcom's Street Fighter series (including Ryu, Guile and Chun Li) and SNK's King of Fighters series (such as Terry and Joe), there are more than enough character to master. And to make things interesting, Capcom Vs. SNK Pro offers a unique team-oriented fighting system. In the game's primary setting, Arcade Mode, players must select one to four fighters to do battle against their opponent.

The number of fighters one can select depends on the level ratio of each fighter. Each fighter in the game is rated between one (weakest) and four (strongest). A gamer's total ratio must equal four -- meaning that they can have four level-one ratio fighters, one level-four ratio fighter, and so on. Too confusing? For those with elementary math skills, the game's other primary game mode, Pair Match Mode, allows a player to select any two fighters regardless of their ratio level.

After selecting a team of fighters, players must then go through numerous battles to complete either Arcade Mode or Pair Match Mode. During matches, each fighter battles until he or she is knocked out. Winners are then determined when one team is out of players. After going through numerous matches, gamers will reach of one of two final bosses, M. Bison or Geese.

In addition to the Groove mechanics, Capcom also has spiced up the gameplay with real time evaluations of moves. Evaluating moves with grades of D, C, B, A and S (for Super), players gain points that lead to super combo moves (Capcom Groove only) in the game. Upon beating the game, these points are then totaled and can be used to purchase new players, including favorites Evil Ryu and Akuma, in Price Mode.

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