Casper & Friends around the world (USA) PSX ISO

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Casper & Friends around the world (USA) PSX ISO Download

Casper's friends have been hexed by an evil spell! The king of ghosts has created an imprisoning device that sends them to different locations across the globe. You must help Casper rescue his friends, but you only have the first ten map pages. If you can find the rest, they will each lead you to a friend.

Collect the pieces of the device that sent your friends away by defeating three evil bosses. If you can manage to find everything in the game, then you'll advance to a special level in the lost city of Atlantis. Watch out for your uncles and tourists, though, because they will make your journey most difficult.

Make Casper jump on umbrellas and trees to reach high places, while using his special ability to levitate to avoid pitfalls and water. You can also make him turn into a parachute to glide down to the surface and duck to avoid flying objects. Ghostly Spheres can be thrown to eliminate apparitions and pumpkin bombs.

Casper must collect friendship crystals in each level before ascending to the special bonus area. Also, in each area, your objective is to find and collect the map piece by playing a game against Casper's three evil cousins. At the end of each level is one of Casper's friends, and if you have a piece of the map, you can advance to the next area.

Power-ups and items in the game include the following: Full and Partial Health Tokens, Full Ghostly Power Tokens, Extra Tries, Super Strength, Spring, and Super Speed. Super Strength allows Casper to move large objects such as boulders, while Spring lets him jump to higher areas. The Super Speed icon will turn Casper's feet into wheels and allow him to run faster.

Casper needs your help, because although he can live forever, his friends cannot. Find all of the map pages and device pieces before the king of ghosts knows what hit him!

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