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Movie tie-ins with the games world are becoming common place. In the past we have seen Street Fighter, Alien Trilogy, and the Die Hard series to name but a few. Next year we can expect Independence Day and Batman Forever.

Casper is based on the top film release of the same name, which took more than a few bucks at the box office. Now lets get this clear before we start, Casper is for KIDS, nothing wrong with that, and there will be a certain appeal to some adults, but it has been predominately made to occupy the kids on a Sunday morning when you want to grab an extra hour in the pit.

Gameplay involves floating around the manor and collecting objects to solve different puzzles. Your first task is to earn the trust of new residents Dr. James Harvey and his daughter Kat by giving them items proving you're a friendly ghost.

You'll also need to reassemble paintings to reveal secret items; flip switches to activate certain passageways; and move furniture to find hidden objects. Besides hovering around the manor, Casper can morph into various forms to reach new areas or interact with objects. Some of these forms include a hammer, fan, lightbulb, screwdriver, saw, rubber ball, tornado, and smoke. To maintain these transformations, you'll need to accumulate "morph points" by eating food or simply waiting for the points to replenish over time.

In addition to the Harveys, you'll have to keep an eye on heiress Carrigan Crittenden. She knows there's treasure somewhere within the mansion and could be a nuisance. Casper's rude uncles Stretch, Stinkie, and Fatso will also try to impede your progress. Don't be afraid, you can't die twice, so explore at your leisure without worrying about a life meter or time limit. Memory card support lets you resume progress at a later time, and the original characters' voices from the movie are included as a bonus.

Use your ghosly skills to solve complex puzzles find secret passageways hidden clues and locate the lost piece of the dismantled Lazarus Machine. CASPER is a challenging adventure for you your family and your friends!

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