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Starsphere Interactive and Mindscape presents Chessmaster II for the PlayStation, the second edition of the popular original that many chess fans favored no matter what platform it was developed on. In this game you have a choice of 2D or 3D graphics with real-time board zoom and rotation, as well as twenty-four different chess sets, like Mycenae (Greek), Egyptian, Isle of Lewis, Staunton (classic), and many more! All pieces can be changed to a dozen types to your liking whether they be statues, thimbles, or just traditional chess pieces.

Play in single-player mode against the Chessmaster or go to war with a friend in head-to-head mode. AutoPlay mode lets you pick a different personality for a new game every time. For example, Black and White can be selected, in "vs. Human" neither can be selected, and in "vs. CPU" you pick the personality for the side you are playing against. There are sixty-four of these human-thinking players to choose from and thirty Grandmaster personalities, all with biographies, photos and playing styles.

For those first timers and anyone worried about their skills -- have no fear! A tutor showing movie clips of the board and pieces will have you become a practiced apprentice in no time. Another unique feature that helps you out during the game is the "English Advice" selection that provides a more detailed analysis of what you can do in tight situations that the "Quick Hint" can't. You can even customize your game by setting up the board yourself the way you want it, or have Chessmaster solve for mate.

The digital timer can be placed onscreen for both you and your opponent. Switching sides during gameplay is possible as well as a whole host of other options and features that you can control while playing. If you make a mistake, take it back. In fact, take back all moves if you need to. You can even replay the last move or restore the board the way it was originally if you had accidentally cleared the set. The backgrounds, pieces, and board can have different colors and textures to suit your tastes.

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