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Ginger has seen what will become of her chicken brethren at the Tweedy Farm, and things are looking bleak. She soon realizes a better kind of life is waiting somewhere in the world and vows to assist her friends in escaping the farm. After enlisting the help of a rooster named Rocky and two rats by the names of Nick and Foster, she starts planning to flee the coop.

In Chicken Run, players must use Ginger and the other chickens' plans to escape hazardous situations. In the Single Player mode, you'll have to move Ginger and Rocky around the farm while collecting useful items to aid in their escape.

Each mission involves retrieving important items scattered around the farm and chicken coup. Before you can get to the items, however, you'll have to evade watchdogs, the farmer, and his wife. Once all the items have been collected, an interactive movie sequence will play. The first movie involves the chickens dressing like the farmer's wife, and to escape, you'll have to guide them on stilts as they flee from the dogs.

Missions in Chicken Run are timed, and the best times are saved to memory card so you can try to improve on them after the game is finished. Also, pictures from the film are hidden throughout the farm. When one of these pictures is found, it can be saved and viewed in the Gallery.

Movie sequences within the game can also be seen again with the View Movies option, and players can win medals by playing various sub-games, which act as bonus efforts to free chickens. With voices and locations taken from the movie, multiple 3D views, and four playable characters, Chicken Run on the PlayStation will have you saving chickens from a terrifying fate: becoming pies.

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