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In Creatures, you'll discover the fascinating universe of artificial intelligence. Albia is the wondrous place where the Norns live. They are peaceful, lovable, intelligent, and curious creatures, always enthusiastic about discovering and exploring their surroundings.

They will encounter many unfamiliar things, which can be entertaining but dangerous, too. The evil Grendels are the greatest threat to them, but if you guide them responsibly and show them what's good and what's bad in their world, your Norns will develop a better understanding of their environment.

They will eventually mature enough to care for themselves. But remember that your creatures' characteristics are handed down from generation to generation, so although you can't protect them from all harm, the more you succeed the greater your chances that you will be blessed with masses of intelligent offspring.

Creatures is a biological simulation. You start with six eggs of Norns, cute little creatures who live in an imaginary world. Your task is to give them knowledge about the world they live in, learn them how to speak, how to use toys, an elevator, how to eat etc. They will eventually grow older, reproduce themselves and die. The game uses its own genetics system, as well as biochemical and neurological calculations to determine the evolution of Norns and the way their DNA would develop in their descendants.


* Raise your own Norns

* Teach them to avoid the deadly Grendels

* Your creatures really learn from your guidance

* Breed good characteristics through the generations

* May you be blessed with masses of intelligent offspring!

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