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In the value-priced Crossroad Crisis, it's up to you to protect a wandering baby chick stranded in a maze of red, green and blue tiles. By moving and rotating the tiles, you can create a safe path for the chick to walk on. But in order to complete each of the game's ten stages, you must first clear the required number of tiles from the board.

Tiles are cleared by linking two or more of the same color and having the chick walk over them. Once the target number has been cleared, the exit appears and you can lead the chick to the next stage. The number of cleared tiles necessary to reveal the exit increases as the game progresses. Each time the chick walks off the edge of a tile, a life is lost and the board is reset.

In addition to the ten stages of Clear mode, Vs. mode pits the chick against a duck in a two-player battle to clear tiles and lead your animal to safety first. Beginner mode contains three stages and a lesson on how to play.

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