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Dance Dance Revolution is one of the first U.S. releases in the developing genre of dancing simulations. Gameplay follows the basic design common to most music and rhythm games (also known as "Bemani" games), as onscreen cues direct the player to hit different buttons in time with the music. While it can be played with a regular PlayStation controller, the game also supports a special "dancing pad" that allows players to move their feet to the beat instead of just pressing buttons.

A selection of nearly 30 songs from the various Japanese releases of the Dance Dance Revolution series is featured in the U.S. version:

20, November, N.M.R. feat. DJ Nagureo Afronova, Re-Venge AM-3P, KTZ Boom Boom Dollar, King Kong & D. Jungle Girls Brilliant 2u (Orchestra-Groove), Naoki Brilliant 2u, Naoki Drop The Bomb, Scotty D. Dub I Dub, Me & My Dynamite Rave, Naoki El Ritmo Tropical, Dixies Gang Get Up'N Move, S&K Have You Never Been Mellow, The Olivia Project I Believe In Miracles, Hi-Rise If You Were Here, Jennifer Keep On Movin', N.M.R. La Senorita, Captain T Let Them Move, N.M.R. Make It Better, Mitsu-O! My Fire, X-Treme Paranoia (Dirty Mix), 190 Paranoia (KCET Clean Mix), 2MB Paranoia, 180 Put Your Faith In Me (Jazzy Groove), UZI-LAY Put Your Faith In Me, UZI-LAY Smoke, Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun SP-Trip Machine (Jungle Mix), De-Sire Trip Machine, De-Sire

One of the world's most influential games makes its way out of Japan for a home-based dance experience like no other. Using a big dance mat (sold separately), you'll step to the beat of the song playing, executing a specific set of moves to a tee.

Your cues will come from the screen in the form of four columns of instructions that scroll upwards. Score points by nailing the timing of each step and getting the order of moves correct. The action will get faster and more furious as the game progresses, instructing you to pull off trickier combos in more limited time periods.

As in the Japanese release of the game, a Diet mode shows you how many calories you're burning. To account for the steep learning curve, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION even includes a Training mode to get you started.

Packed with remixes of old songs and brand-new gems, the soundtrack boasts 27 danceable tunes. Though it's possible to play without the dance mat, working up a sweat is half the fun of this inventive game.

* Dancing simulator based on the popular coin-op game

* Mimic dance steps by following onscreen clues

* Special workout mode provides aerobic exercise routine for players

* Wide variety of contemporary dance music includes pop, disco, techno, and hip-hop

* Single-player modes, as well as cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes

* Includes over 25 diverse styles of music including disco and techno

* Get fit using the special "Work Out" mode

* Have a dance-off with your friend in two-player modes

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