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Once again the world has been thrown into danger by the nefarious whims of Major Maxim, and who on Earth could take on the overfiend and live to tell the tale? Why, the Danger Girl team, of course! This trio of smart, sassy and well-endowed heroes has all the bases covered, from whips to big guns to hacking skills. With their back-up team in place, the girls will have to crawl, sneak, and shoot their way through Major Maxim's host of terrifying fortresses and nefarious enemies of the Hammer Empire before they have the chance to once again take down the big red guy himself.

Danger Girl is based on the popular comic series from Cliffhanger Comics. The engine, developed by N-Space, focuses on both action and espionage, as the Danger Girl team gears up and hits all corners of the globe in their strike at the Hammer Empire. Not only will they have to shoot their way through the opposition, but also they'll have to employ their cat-like reflexes and advanced spy-gadgets to make it through this dangerous mission.

Danger Girl takes place in a third-person, 3D environment, and through each of the 12 missions, players will control one of the three-member team as they hunt down Hammer. The characters can run, walk, crawl, leap and hang against walls to keep out of sight. There are over 15 different weapons that players will have their hand at over the course of the game, from handguns to rifles to powerful bazookas. Players will also be able to detonate or disarm bombs, flip on some night-vision goggles to go about their dirty-work in the dark, or even set off distractions so that they can pass enemy checkpoints and have bullets to spare.

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