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Dead or Alive is a beat-em-up based on Sega’s Model 2 arcade board.

Eight deadly fights test each other's martial arts mastery in gorgeous 3D arenas. Special and combination moves all depicted in detailed fluid animation make this a stern test of gamers' reflexes and strategizing. Among its innovations are special moves that restore your fighter's vitality during the battle.

Dead or Alive comes from the Arcade to the PlayStation in grandiose fashion. Sporting a revamped graphics engine that displays high-resolution visuals at a constant 60fps, Tecmo's hand-to-hand brawler features never before seen characters, costumes, and gameplay modes.

For those unfamiliar with the original version, Dead or Alive features a wealth of combinations, reversals, mid-air juggles, a unique hold system, Danger Zones, and special attacks. There are three action buttons: punch, throw, and hold; the hold system consists of an offensive and defensive hold. Using either hold maneuver, players are able to counter attack and block their opponents. Additionally, the various arenas feature Danger Zones, or explosive boundaries that do significant damage to a player's health meter.

Among the gameplay options are the Tournament, Time Attack, Danger Zone, Versus, Survival, Kumite, Team Battle, and Training modes. By selecting the Tournament option, players are able to guide any character on their quest for redemption and/or fulfillment. The reward for winning the tournament is the unlocking of a new costume for that character.

Time Attack pits you and a computer-controlled opponent in a race against the clock. Whoever beats the clock and knocks out their opponent first wins. Additionally, the two-player games come in the form of a Versus and Team Battle (also one-player). Versus is simply a two-player battle whereas Team Battle allows each player to select five characters apiece. Each fighter is then eliminated via one-on-one battles until all five characters have been eliminated.

The Danger Zone mode is interesting enough; the entire ring becomes a Danger Zone. If your character is knocked down, he or she will be launched high up in the air with damaging results. Survival mode has the player fighting computer-controlled opponents until their character's health meter is depleted. Likewise, Kumite is a points-based rumble against you and 100 opponents. The idea is to gain fast clear times and eliminate your opponents one by one!

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