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Deception III: Dark Delusion is the third installment in Tecmo, Inc.'s unique role-playing series. Players enter a world where strategy and innovation are integral to survival, and where deceit and mysterious intentions abound. Deception III combines RPG elements with action and adventure, as deadly traps are constructed and placed to destroy enemies. The game utilizes a third person perspective, and features over 2000 trap combinations. Multiple endings are possible as the player makes decisions that will affect Reina's future. In addition to the story mode, there are Trap License, Training, and Expert options available.

What was meant to be a joyous occasion has turned into a living nightmare. Reina was in the midst of celebrating her 17th birthday, having just received a beautiful brooch from her stepmother, when two men burst into their home. Reina, her little brother, and her stepmother were kidnapped and taken to the island of Alendar, a war-torn land teeming with criminal activity. Bandits from Alendar have been raiding Reina's home of Burganfada for slave labor, and now Reina finds herself in front of the corrupt King Fredrick. What happens next will change Reina's life forever. Reina must use all of the resources at her disposal to stay alive, collecting souls and creating an arsenal of traps which will allow her to discover the true meaning of her power.

Tecmo's Deception provided a refreshing change from the standard RPG style. The game cast the player as a minion of Satan, protecting his castle from treasure hunters and knights. Instead of weapon-based combat, the player utilized traps to kill the trespassers and collect their souls. What resulted was a novel blend of strategy and action in an RPG setting.

Kagero: Deception II continued the tradition, only this time the player assumed the role of Millennia, a woman who had forgotten her past. She was brainwashed into working for the Timenoids, a race of creatures determined to obliterate mankind. Set in the same castle atmosphere as its predecessor, Kagero: Deception II improved upon the original formula with a third person view and simultaneous trap triggering. This allowed a wider variety of gruesome combinations. Both games allowed the player to explore the guilty pleasure of being evil.


This is the story of an Alendar resident called Layna. Her challenge is to confront the tragedies that lay ahead of her…She is your challenge…

As with the previous Deception games, you, as the player, have to set up traps to defeat your opponents before they destroy you. Now, however, these traps are even bigger and better!

Aside from the 2000+ traps available for your use, you can develop/customize your own traps for a more personalized and exhilarating gaming experience.

It all begins in the island of Alendar… a war-torn island, until recently, was completely forgotten by the rest of the world.

With the death of its King Arcadia, the island was once again plunged into uncertainty. The future now lies with King Frederic who is out to control its residents.

True to the Deception tradition this third game is expected to have a distinctive Role Playing feel to it. So as you kill your hapless victims, you gain points in experience, magic, skill, etc. In the later levels you will need all the experience you can get! As each character attribute is distinctively different, so must you plan and model your traps to successfully capture them. Set the wrong trap and it will be easily evaded, leaving you open for it's own attack. As you progress in the later chapters of play, the characters get harder to defeat. Traps that may have once worked, will no longer do the deed.

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