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Welcome to Demolition Racer, a racing game where pitstops, yellow flags and mercy for your opponents will never exist. But don't think your opponents will treat you with the giving of flowers either, because they will aiming to send you and your vehicle back to smash repairers not in one piece, but for the sale of spare parts.

From the main menu, players can select from Single Race, Demolition League and Two Player modes. Single Race is further broken down into Demolition (the importance is both based on getting over the finishing line and scoring demolition points), The Chase (crossing the finishing line is the only goal), Chicken (drive aggressively, but try to stay alive to cross the finish line, and oh yeah there are cars driving in the opposite direction too you), Last Man Standing (a bowl competition, last man not smashed up wins) and Suicide (opposite to Last Man Standing, it's a battle to destroy yourself first) all with the unifying idea of being based on a single race.

Demolition League is a competition mode spread over various tracks with the very broadly split Arena and Circuit competitions. Circuit difficulties include Rookie League (5th or better to pass), Semi-Pro League (six demolition styled courses, but you have to place at least third in every race), Pro League (eight courses, but you must place first in all) and Endurance League. Two Player mode on the other hand not only allows players to play in the standard Single Race competitions (such as Chicken, Last Man Standing, Chase and Suicide), but also the Two Player only Team Demolition (a co-operative demolition mode) and Head 2 Head Demolition.

Nine vehicles are also selectable, with each being grouped into the difficulty that they may be used in. A wide range of circuits and bowls are also available, in fact there are eleven circuits and three bowls in all. These include such tracks as Pelton Stadium, Go Kart Carnage, Scrap Heap, Chemical Plant, Redneck Raceway, Meltdown to name just a few.

Demolition Racer's options allow players to make changes to SFX volume, music volume, cd track, power ups, chase laps, split screen (vertical or horizontal), controller configuration (five defaults), as well as being able to view credits, view high scores, save and load. The soundtrack includes several popular artists among metal, rock and beat ranks including Fear Factory, Junkie XL, Cirrus, Empirion etc.

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