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Digimon Digital Card Battles are three round strategy match ups using 30-card decks based on creatures with unique attack powers, special effects, counterattacks, armor, and the ability to increase to stronger levels through "digivolution" using special option cards or creature fusion. Three Digimon card levels, rookie (R), champion (C) and ultimate (U) (mega Digimon), can be "digivolved" to create more powerful creatures. Partner Cards, selected at the beginning of each game, can get armor, gain experience points, and power up with the use of Digi-Parts as you advance through battles.

Five specific cities are available for fighting battles: Beginner, Flame, Jungle, Igloo, and Junk. Each city features a different style of Digimon opponent with fire, nature, ice, and rare specialties. Beginner City contains a Battle Café (info), Battle Arena (tournaments), Fusion Shop (merge cards), and Player Room (statistics). Digimon cards come in five flavors, including fire, ice, nature, dark, and rare, with specific hit points, attack power, "digivolve" power, and support features.

If two players each have a game saved on a memory card, Digi-Battles and trades can occur on one system using the "Battle with a Friend" (versus) option. Balancing decks between R, C, U, and option cards is essential for success in Digimon Digital Card Battles, as more than two dozen methods are available for gaining experience bonus points depending on your setup.


Build and collect decks with five Digimon specialties: fire, ice, nature, dark, and rare

Three levels of Digimon cards, rookie, champion, and ultimate, plus option cards (battle and digivolve)

Two-player trade and battle option

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