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Play as Mike and Sulley, the stars of Disney-Pixar's Monsters, Inc. and learn to be a "top scarer" in Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc.: Scream Team for PlayStation. Based on the movie's premise that children's screams fuel energy in the monster world, Mike and Sulley begin training on Scare Island.

This 12-level game begins after completion of an orientation program hosted by Roz, who shows the monsters the basics of their training. The levels are divided among three training grounds located on Scare Island. With names hinting at the nature of their design, the Urban Training Grounds, Desert Training Grounds, and Arctic Training Grounds contain four areas to be explored. Each region ranges in scenery from a city park to a frozen lake, and players can choose to play as either Sulley or Mike with each monster having different moves and scare abilities.

The object of the game is to successfully scare all the robot children (known as "nerves") on the island, and graduate from monster training with top honors. This is accomplished by collecting bronze, silver, and gold medals that are awarded throughout the game.

Items used include Extra Try tokens, Monster Tokens that earn silver medals for every ten collected, and Primordial Ooze, which is the substance that gives the monsters their scare power. The random Bag O' Calories increases health, while mailboxes provide tips and information vital to the player's success. Nerves and items may be hidden, but can be discovered by searching in and around boxes and other objects. Obstacles encountered include hazardous toys, reptiles, piranha, and retaliating nerves.

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