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Dracula: The Last Sanctuary follows Dreamcatcher's earlier game, Dracula: Resurrection. A point-and-click adventure game, this sequel tells the tale of Jonathan Harker, a man trying to rescue his wife, Mina, from the clutches of the infamous blood-sucker. As is the case with many titles in this sub-genre, gameplay involves careful scrutiny of each scene that players encounter, as they search for clues, information, and items that will aid them in their quest. Movement and interaction are facilitated by a context-sensitive cursor, through which players can manipulate puzzles and the environment. The puzzles themselves are a familiar blend of search quests and brain-teasers, requiring players to acquire and combine numerous items before they can be used to remove particular obstacles.

Making their way through locales such as Dracula's Carfax abode, sewers, a cemetery, and of course the Dark One's Transylvanian castle, players will encounter various NPCs in addition to an assortment of undead denizens of the night. The player must face enemies in timed action sequences; essentially a series of predetermined steps that must be completed within the given time limit. These action sequences are not restricted solely to battles however, and will present players with various predicaments in which failure means death. Interspersed throughout the adventure are full-motion video cut-scenes, detailing both minor and significant events that unfold on Jonathan's quest.

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